'Wyvern' Goldwork Embroidery Kit Materials Pack

'Wyvern' Goldwork Embroidery Kit Materials Pack

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I have two kits that are missing just one component - you won't need it until later in the project, so if you want to start the Wyvern and can wait until after Christmas for that component, go ahead and place your order!


This material pack goes with the Wyvern project in my book Goldwork Embroidery - Techniques and Projects.


The word ‘goldwork’ is used to describe embroidery with metal threads and wires, even if they are not gold!  This technique has a long history all over the world; originally reserved for items of state and ceremony, now it can be enjoyed by everyone.

This pack contains the metal threads and padding you need to stitch the project. The pack comes in a box to protect the contents.  You will need to have fabric, needles and other equipment to complete the project - these are listed in the book.

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