Welcome to my gallery.  Here you can see a selection of my work that isn't seen anywhere else.  Most of my work these days is in either kits or commissions, so I don't add to this gallery often; lots of these images are from my days as an Apprentice at the Royal School of Needlework in 2006-2009.

A selection of work from my apprenticeship at the Royal School of Needlework.

From left to right: Applique, Both Sides Alike, Silk Shading and Blackwork.


A triptych of self portraits in stitch, created as part of my apprenticeship.


Ecclesiastical goldwork sampler, stitched as part of my apprenticeship.  This trio of symbols is packed with traditional goldwork embroidery techniques.


There are two types of silk shading: Natural Shading (on the left) where the stitches flow in the direction of feathers, fur, etc; and Tapestry Shading (on the right) where all the stitches are vertical.


Family portraits using simple outline stitches.


Super close up detail of some goldwork flowers.  The petals are stitched with cutwork and pearl purl, with a little tulle and chipping in the centres.


Two examples of whitework embroidery.  The waterlily design on the left is available as a kit; the piece on the right was stitched as part of my apprenticeship and features in the Royal School of Needlework Essential Stitch Guide: Whitework.


Embroidered picture and handbag created for Stitch magazine in 2013.  This crewel work design is available as a kit.


And last but not least, my wedding dress from 2015.

I designed and made the dress structure, and my wonderful friends Helen and Becky helped me apply what felt like millions of lace motifs and beads.  We finished it at 11.30 the night before the wedding!

We used the same technique as the RSN did on the Duchess of Cambridge's gown which I worked on in 2011.