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About Me

 News: on 29 May we welcomed our son to the world four weeks early. We have been safely home for some time and I am happy to say that Harrison is a healthy and beautiful little addition to our lives.  I am enjoying spending lots of time with him and trying to keep up with work as best I can, but I ask that you please bear with me if I'm a little slower than usual (it is so much harder to pop to the Post Office than it used to be!)


Me with my husband Steve the day we got engaged

Hello, my name is Lizzy Pye (formerly Lansberry), welcome to my website.  I have been stitching for longer than I can remember, thanks in no small part to my wonderful Granny who is sorely missed - she taught me to knit when I was just three! 

The moment my love of stitch began to form itself into a career came at the Knitting & Stitching Show in 2004. I met the very lovely Jenny Adin-Christie, and first came across the Royal School of Needlework.  Long story short, in 2006 I enrolled as an Apprentice at the RSN, completely innocent of the three years of hard graft to become a professional embroiderer.  In 2009 I was lucky enough to be one of the last six graduates, finishing with a Distinction and very sore fingertips!

I am passionate about passing on my skills through teaching, and preserving both skills and heirlooms for future generations to enjoy.

As soon as I graduated I knew I wanted to create an online shop. I recognised a need to provide access to the specialist things I had grown used to being surrounded with on a daily basis.  I also felt it was important to use my teaching experience to write easy-to-follow kits.

Laurelin is about bringing embroidery to anyone, anywhere.

Things have moved on a bit since 2009, and I now carry a lot more stock and have been through 3 website overhauls.

I was commissioned to write the Royal School of Needlework’s Essential Stitch Guide: Whitework, published in 2012 and kindly reviewed here by Mary Corbet.  I have worked on embroidery designs with the Royal Opera House and was privileged to be involved in the creation of Kate Middleton’s wedding gown.

I am now writing another book, this time my subject is Goldwork.  It will take some time to write and publish - so don’t expect to see it on bookshelves until 2018!


Every product stocked on the site is one that I use for my own embroidery.  As a practising embroiderer, there are lots of tools I use every day, and some for more specialist projects.  My familiarity with these tools means that I can select the best ones for each job, and help you do the same.

At Laurelin you may find needlecraft tools and materials you have never come across before.  For instance, have you tried using a mellor to help with your goldwork? With any luck the descriptions will give you an insight, but if not I encourage you to ask questions!

Not only do I recommend the products myself, but my customers recommend them too.  One student recently told me her new Janome Curved Scissors were “the best scissors I have ever used!”



Photo: Becky Quine

Lizzy's Little Helper
Meet Pippin the Parson Russell Terrier… Generally not allowed near the embroidery, sometimes she manages to sneak her way into the workroom and steal a bundle of threads, little rascal!