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'Toadstool' Whitework Embroidery Kit

'Toadstool' Whitework Embroidery Kit

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Pulled thread work
Drawn thread work
Stem and seeding stitches

Fits 6 inch (15cm) hoop

Suitable for beginners

Available with 28-35 TPI linen

The word ‘whitework’ simply describes embroidery with white threads on white fabric.  There are also some stitch techniques which are exclusive to whitework (pulled thread work, drawn thread work and cutwork).

This toadstool design fits a 6" (20 or 15 cm) ring frame.

The kit explores pulled work (where the linen fabric is pulled into lacy patterns) and drawn thread work (where some threads of the fabric are removed to create a patterned border).  These are combined with techniques of satin stitch and trailing stitch which are fundamental to many types of embroidery.

In the box you get full instructions for each stitch, with tips on how to achieve the best results.

Choose 32 Threads-per-Inch linen for pulled thread work that is easy to count, up to 55 TPI for a real challenge.

Kit contains:  linen fabric, stranded cotton embroidery thread, coton a broder thread, floche soft cotton thread, lace thread, needles, design and full instructions

The kit comes in a presentation box for handy storage.  Fabric is wrapped with acid-free tissue to protect your embroidery project.


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