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'Lucky Horseshoe' Silk Ribbon Embroidery Pattern

'Lucky Horseshoe' Silk Ribbon Embroidery Pattern

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Pattern and instruction PDF only

7 ribbon stitches
2 embroidery stitches
Crystals and beads

Fits 10 inch (25cm) hoop

With silk dupion fabric and pure silk ribbons

Perfect gift for a Bride & Groom, ideal for a wedding ring pillow

The term ‘silk ribbon embroidery’ refers to any embroidery done with silk ribbons.  It is a fantastic way to bring depth to embroidery and the ribbons have a lovely sheen.

Ribbon embroidery was popular during the Victorian era, appearing on all sorts of items from home furnishings to garments.  Once you have learnt the techniques there is no end to the possibilities!

This kit explores lots of traditional flower stitches.  With some you take the ribbon through the fabric with a large needle; others are made by manipulating the ribbon with a fine thread.

You get full instructions for each stitch, with tips on how to achieve the best results, delivered in pdf format by email.

You will need:  silk dupion fabric, calico, embroidery thread, assorted silk ribbons, crystals and beads, needles.

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