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'Lovehearts' Scarletwork Embroidery Pattern

'Lovehearts' Scarletwork Embroidery Pattern

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Pattern and Instruction PDF Only

5 blackwork patterns
Stem stitch

Fits 10 inch (25cm) hoop

Suitable for beginners

‘Scarletwork’ is a derivative of ‘blackwork’ which means black stitching on white fabric.  Areas of the design are usually filled with counted stitch patterns and then defined with outline stitches.

Blackwork was very popular in Tudor times when the patterns would be very complex, but all in one shade; modern blackwork often involves using different threads to create a shaded design.

This design fits in a 10 inch hoop and is an ideal starting point for beginners.

The design explores the variation of tone and texture you can achieve with blackwork patterns, using different colours of stranded cotton.

You will also need:  16 TPI Aida fabric, stranded cotton embroidery thread in your choice of colour, tapestry needles size 24, embroidery needle size 8-9.

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