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'Enchanted Anemone' Goldwork & Stumpwork Embroidery Kit

'Enchanted Anemone' Goldwork & Stumpwork Embroidery Kit

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2 couching
3D goldwork
3D wired shapes

Fits 10 inch (25cm) hoop and 6 inch (15cm) hoop

Suitable for beginners

Beautiful silk thread

Variety of silver threads and wires

Stunning silk fabrics

The word ‘goldwork’ is used to describe embroidery with metal threads and wires, even if they are not gold!  This technique has a long history all over the world; originally reserved for items of state and ceremony, now it can be enjoyed by everyone.

Some threads are stitched over to secure them to the fabric, others are cut and stitched through - like beads.

The term ‘stumpwork’ refers to three-dimensional or raised embroidery.  Technically this is a misnomer; the technique is more accurately called ‘raised embroidery’ - historically stumpwork means a very particular technique of using tiny pieces of wood to create the nose on an embroidered person!

Raised embroidery typically has elements of padding, wired 3D shapes and needlelace.

This design fits in a 10 inch ring frame and is ideal for confident beginners looking for a challenge, or as a next step from the smaller kits.  The raised elements require an additional 6 inch ring frame as they are worked separately.

The kit explores two types of couching plus raised goldwork and stumpwork techniques.  The combination of silk fabrics, lustrous silk thread and silver threads is beautiful.

In the box you get full instructions for each stitch, with tips on how to achieve the best results.

Kit contains:  silk dupion fabric, silk tissue, silk thread, lizerine, pearl purl, check thread, smooth passing thread, bright check, spangles, sewing thread, needles, design and full instructions.

The kit comes in a presentation box for handy storage.  Fabric is wrapped with acid-free tissue to protect your embroidery project.


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