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Bright Check Purl

Bright Check Purl

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Use for cutwork and chipping

Priced per metre

Bright Check is a goldwork wire which is made of a triangular shaped coil of fine wire - there is a hole through the centre.  The triangular shape acts like the facets on a gemstone to reflect light in different directions, making it sparkle.  The wire is slightly flattened to give a very shiny surface.  This thread is delicate until it is stitched down.

Use Bright Check by stitching through the hollow centre, like you would apply a bead.  Use doubled thread with a good coat of beeswax.

No.6 is the size I use for most beginner and intermediate kits, a size 9 embroidery needle passes easily through it.  No.8 is smaller, a size 10 or 12 embroidery needle is best.

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