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Blackwork Embroidery - Techniques and Projects

Blackwork Embroidery - Techniques and Projects

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Blackwork Embroidery - Techniques and Projects 

by Jen Goodwin


Blackwork has a rich history that has developed over the years into an iconic and sophisticated style of embroidery. This practical book presents a number of ways to approach blackwork embroidery, from forming basic stitches and patterns to developing complex shaded pieces with confidence. Through an assortment of exercises, it introduces the principles of shading along with several projects to further explore the potential of blackwork.

  • Detailed instructions on designing and developing shaded pieces of blackwork embroidery
  • Guidance on how to choose suitable images for translating into stitch
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to form basic stitches and how to form patterns
  • Almost 250 shaded patterns, indicating how differing patterns appear when worked in different thicknesses of thread
  • Patterns grouped by family for easy identification and pattern blending
  • Advice on what to consider when working more complex designs and how to fix problems if they do occur
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