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'Autumn Leaf' Jacobean Crewel Work Embroidery Pattern

'Autumn Leaf' Jacobean Crewel Work Embroidery Pattern

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Pattern & Instruction PDF Only

2 outline stitches
Satin stitch
3 decorative stitches

Fits 5 inch (12cm) hoop

Suitable for beginners

The term ‘crewel work’ means embroidery with crewel wool threads on any fabric. The word ‘Jacobean’ describes the style of the design - influenced by English crewel work designs of the early 17th century. Jacobean crewel work is always stitched on natural-coloured pure linen twill fabric.

Leaves like this one form an integral part of the Tree of Life motif seen frequently in Jacobean design.

This design fits a 5" (12 cm) ring frame.  It is a perfect introduction to Jacobean for beginners.

The kit explores many different traditional crewel work stitches.

You get full instructions for each stitch, with tips on how to achieve the best results, delivered in pdf format by email.

You will also need:  linen twill fabric, crewel wool in colours of your choice, crewel needles, chenille needles and tapestry needles.


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