Design Transfer with 'Prick and Pounce'

To transfer an embroidery design onto fabric very accurately, use the 'prick and pounce' method.  It works best on fabric which is already stretched ready for stitching.


You will need a prick and pounce kit for this method.


1. Trace the design onto tracing paper as neatly as possible with a fine pencil or pen.

2. Place the paper over a slightly soft surface such as a few layers of fabric.  Use the pricker with a size 12 embroidery needle to make holes in the tracing paper.  The holes should be about 2mm apart along all the design lines.  Be careful to pass the pricker straight down and up again to get the most accurate result.


3. Once the whole design is 'pricked' position the paper onto your fabric and place a pin straight down in each corner to hold it in place.

4. Dip the pounce pad into the pounce powder (white for dark fabrics, grey for light fabrics) and tap the excess back into the tin.

5. Starting in the middle of the design, place the pounce pad on the paper but do not press down.  Swirl the pad around in little circles to pass the pounce powder through the holes.  Add more powder every so often.

6. You can tell that the pounce powder has passed through because the hole should look 'full' or change colour.  Once complete, remove the pins and carefully lift the paper straight up, then return any powder to the tin.

7. If there is a lot of excess powder on the fabric, gently blow across the surface to remove it.

8. The design should now show clearly, ready to draw or paint.  Once you have done so and it is dry, bang the frame on the back to remove most of the remaining powder and then brush with a soft-bristled brush if there is any left.