Chipping is suitable for almost any type of shape, which makes it a very useful addition to designs - you can fill awkward gaps with beautiful sparkle!


First, cut a few chips of either Bright or Wire Check: use sharp, fine-pointed scissors to snip straight across the coil of wire, cutting pieces which are the same in length as they are in width, just like a seed bead.

Using a double length of waxed machine thread, bring the needle up and thread on a chip. Slide it down to the surface of the fabric and then take the needle down to make a small stitch.

Stitch another chip next to the first, as close as possible but at a different angle. Repeat this until the area is filled, placing chips at random angles to get the best sparkle.

You can also use individual chips to secure spangles.

Try scattering the chips further apart for different effects.