'Tulip' Silk Shading & Goldwork Online Embroidery Class - April 2021

'Tulip' Silk Shading & Goldwork Online Embroidery Class - April 2021

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17th, 18st and 24th April 2021

9.30am to 12.30pm (GMT)

Join me online for three mornings in April to learn how to stitch silk shading, felt padding, three types of couching and chipping, and create your own glittering tulip.

I will send you a kit (included in the price) in time for the class, with all the materials you need and the design printed on the fabric.

Short videos of the techniques will be made available to you after the class to allow you to continue in your own time, and I give email support between sessions and after the class.

Places on this class are limited to ensure I have enough time to help everyone individually.

I also like to create a Facebook group for students to keep in touch between sessions, which can be a source of encouragement and support (who doesn't need more like-minded friends at the moment?)

I have always felt it is so important to be able to stitch in a comfortable, friendly environment and I'm proud to say that my online classes have proved to have just as lovely an atmosphere.  You can be sure of a fun, relaxed time alongside detailed, informative tuition.


 Booking closes 14th March


The class is for you if you have embroidered before but have not tried goldwork, or perhaps have not had much luck with silk shading in the past.  It is designed so that you can try each technique independently, and the class is held over three sessions so there is a little time in between to practice and think of questions.

You will need an 8-10 inch hoop (one you can use 'hands-free' like this is ideal) and sharp, narrow bladed scissors (these or these are good).  You might find a block of beeswax helpful.


If you have already purchased this kit to work yourself, but you would like to join the class, please email me at laurelinembroidery@outlook.com and I will deduct the cost of the kit from the class price.

In the kit you get full instructions for each stitch, with tips on how to achieve the best results.

Kit contains: linen fabric, felt, stranded cotton embroidery thread, pearl purl, Japanese thread, twist thread, bright check, sewing thread, needles, design and full instructions.

A little background on the techniques:

The word ‘goldwork’ is used to describe embroidery with metal threads and wires, even if they are not gold!  This technique has a long history all over the world; originally reserved for items of state and ceremony, now it can be enjoyed by everyone.

Some threads are stitched over to secure them to the fabric, others are cut and stitched through - like beads.

'Silk shading' describes the use of long and short stitch to create beautiful shaded areas on a design.  It can also be used to create naturalistic shading of flowers or animals, for example.




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