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Jacobean crewelwork monthly online class (starts September 2022) £439

Jacobean crewelwork monthly online class (starts September 2022) £439

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Full Course Costs £439.00

When you click to buy, you will pay only the deposit which covers the materials.

I will then send you an invoice for the remaining balance.  It can be paid in full upfront or in two instalments.  UK students also have the option to pay monthly by standing order.

This monthly class will run for a full year, starting in September 2022.

We will cover a wide variety of stitches from the three main types: filling stitches, outline stitches and decorative stitches.

You will have the opportunity to work through the planning stages of a Jacobean design.  While I already have a plan for my stitch placement that you are welcome to follow, I feel that understanding the underlying process is important.  You can therefore choose to switch stitches around, add extras, etc.


The dates and focal points of the class are as follows:


10 September

Setting Up

8 October

Trellis (Decorative Filling) Variations

12 November

Burden and Brick Stitch

10 December

Laid Work & Decorations

8 January

Buttonhole Stitch Variations

5 February

Satin Stitch Foundations

11 March

Satin Stitch Variations

8 April

Block Shading

13 May

Long & Short

10 June

Long & Short

8 July

Line Stitches

12 August

Knots & Decorations


As you can see, each session focuses on a particular stitch or set of stitches. There will be scope to include extra stitches and variations. You are welcome to request demonstrations of any stitch you want to try.

The design is a 10-inch square filled with flowers, leaves and stems.  It would be best worked on a slate frame or similar if possible, because it doesn't fit inside the usual sizes of hoops.
I intend to spend the first session demonstrating how to paint the design outlines (though you can draw with colour pencil if you prefer) along with some planning of stitches and colours.  If you don't feel confident to transfer the design yourself, I can paint it for you for an additional fee of £20.
It is hard to know exactly how much thread you will need for a larger design in which you might tweak the stitch placement, so I have planned to send you plenty and you can return any you don't use for a refund if you wish.
Please note, the photos of stitched examples are representative of the technique.
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