Goldwork Club (Wednesdays, Starting September 2021)

Goldwork Club (Wednesdays, Starting September 2021)

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Starting 8th September 2021

12 fortnightly sessions on Wednesday afternoons

2-4pm (British Time)

I am super excited to announce this new class format!

It has been so popular already that I have decided to run two groups simultaneously on Monday and Wednesday afternoons.  I have very limited spaces left.

I am about to stitch the design for this long-running class, based on my Jacobean Peony.  You will be able to see updates on my Instagram and Facebook pages (search Laurelin Embroidery or Lizzy Pye).

During the course, we will cover lots of different techniques:

padding (felt and 'string')

couching (basic, combination and pearl purl)

cutwork / cut purls (chipping, raised cutwork)

plate and spangles

I haven't decided on every detail that I will be stitching yet, so this is subject to change.


This course is for you if:

You have tried goldwork and fallen in love, now you want to dive deeper;

You have done a fair bit of goldwork and you want to really hone your skills with detailed feedback;

You are quite advanced with goldwork and would like to understand the process of planning and working your own design.

You can join this class as an advanced student or a near beginner.  For those just starting their journey, this will introduce a lot of techniques.  For those more advanced, you will be able to review the basics, pick up new techniques, and gain a deeper understanding of how to put a goldwork design together.


The idea of this course is that you can follow my design along with me, or you can use my design but arrange the techniques differently, or you can go totally 'off menu' and work your own design with my guidance.

Our first session will be an introduction into the techniques, and discussion about planning the design - knowing how to plan is essential if you want to move on to your own designs.

Then we will work through the techniques, covering one per session so that you have time in between to complete the stitching.  There will be no pressure to keep up, as I will demonstrate the new technique and encourage discussion, but you can work at your own pace.

Short videos of the techniques will be made available to you after the class to allow you to continue in your own time, and of course I will give email support between sessions when needed.  I intend to create a Facebook group so you can all keep in touch and support each other (across the two groups).

Places on this course are limited to six, to ensure I have enough time to help everyone individually, no matter what stage of your journey.

I have always felt it is so important to be able to stitch in a comfortable, friendly environment and I'm proud to say that my online classes have proved to have just as lovely an atmosphere.  You can be sure of a fun, relaxed time alongside detailed, informative tuition.


A kit of materials will be sent to you in advance of the class, containing:

sewing thread

felt and tapestry cotton for padding

a variety of couching threads, pearl purl, purl wires, plate and spangles

fabric and calico backing

needles, including curved needles

Kit Price to be confirmed - estimated at £50-£60 (this will be invoiced later).

You might like to use a slate frame for this course, as it gives very good tension and is hands free.  However, you will be fine with a good quality 10 inch hoop - it will need to be 'hands-free' like this.  You will need two pairs of sharp embroidery scissors, one for threads and one for gold (I recommend the Janome or Fiskars for gold).

I am running a one-off workshop on Framing Up before goldwork club starts, if you would like to join.

A mellor is very helpful for goldwork, particularly in the later stages.

From the 8th session, it will be useful to have a velvet board, beading mat or simply a jam jar lid with a scrap of velvet inside - this is to keep the cut purl wires under control.

You will also need a reasonable internet connection, and to be able to send photos of your work during class - this is so I can see how you are getting on and give you feedback directly as you are stitching.

Some students have chosen to join classes with two cameras - one for them and one for their stitching.


 You can pay for this course all at once, or in two payments of £150.00.


Course dates:

8th September

22nd September

6th October

20th October

3rd November

17th November

1st December

15th December

5th January

19th January

2nd February

16th February


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