Framing Up for Embroidery - Online Class

Framing Up for Embroidery - Online Class

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Wednesday 25th August 2021

2pm to 4pm (British Time)


Join me (online) to learn how to properly assemble a slate frame ready for embroidery.  The same principle also applies to a roller frame, if you prefer to use one (the tension achieved is not quite as good, but they are widely available and still very useful frames).

In this one-off two hour session I will go through the process with you, from cutting and squaring the fabric, all the way to fully tightening the frame.  It is very likely it will take you more than 2 hours to complete the process yourself, so I will make some short videos available after class to refresh your memory.


This class is being offered first to people booked on my forthcoming Goldwork Club, but will be open for general booking soon.  Booking closes 20th August.


In order to work alongside me you will need a slate frame, however you can still book to watch the class if you haven't got one (yet!)  I promise you will learn a lot, and I am always more than happy to answer questions.


There is no kit for this class, but you will need:

Slate frame (or roller frame)

Strong thread (such as Coats Duet)

Large crewel needle or chenille needle

Cotton webbing tape 2-3 inches wide (length to fit both sides of your frame - usually a metre is enough)


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