Box Making Club (Weekend Mornings, Starting September 2021)

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Starting 18th September 2021

8 sessions on weekend mornings

10am - 12pm (British Time)

This course is for you if:

You have tried box making and fallen in love, now you want to dive deeper and work on more complex boxes or design your own with guidance from me.


You can join this class as an advanced student or a near beginner.  For those just starting their journey, this will introduce a lot of techniques.  For those more advanced, you will be able to review the basics, pick up new techniques, and gain a deeper understanding of box making.

This is a self-directed class, in that you will be able to produce a box to your own design.  You could even make more than one box, exploring the techniques in separate projects.  I haven't made a full plan for my own box, but my current idea is an Advent box (with 24 compartments!)


Our first session will be a discussion of the techniques and your ideas, figuring out what you already know and which advanced techniques you would like to explore.

As our sessions continue, we will create a prototype with thin card, work out our measurements and tackle how the pieces will be laid out to fit best and be sturdy.

As we progress, we will get into the physical construction of our boxes, looking at cutting the board, covering it with fabric (you might choose to embroider some/all panels, use padding, etc), and assembling the pieces.

We will look at advanced techniques such as creating a sit on lid, a fabric hinge, and hidden compartments or drawers, and anything else that you want to try.

Short videos of the techniques will be made available to you after the class to allow you to continue in your own time, and of course I will give email support between sessions when needed.  I intend to create a Facebook or WhatsApp group so you can all keep in touch and support each other.

Places on this course are limited to eight, to ensure I have enough time to help everyone individually, no matter what stage of your journey.

I have always felt it is so important to be able to stitch in a comfortable, friendly environment and I'm proud to say that my online classes have proved to have just as lovely an atmosphere.  You can be sure of a fun, relaxed time alongside detailed, informative tuition.



You will need a reasonable internet connection, and to be able to send photos of your work during class - this is so I can see how you are getting on and give you feedback directly as you are stitching.

Some students have chosen to join classes with two cameras - one for them and one for their stitching.

You will also need:


Matching polyester sewing thread and extra strong thread

Padding (wadding, felt, etc - optional)

Fine curved needles, one large curved needle

Mount board (1250 micron, or 1500 micron for a larger box)

Double sided tape

Cutting equipment (self healing board, steel ruler, right angle/square, sharp knife, propelling pencil - or a cutting machine)

Scissors for fabric, embroidery and paper/card/tape

Findings, e.g. hinges, handles, ribbons, buttons, feet, etc - all optional

We can discuss precise requirements of fabric and findings in the first couple of classes.


Course Dates:

18th September

19th September

25th September

2nd October

16th October

30th October

13th November

27th November



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